About Me


My name is Christian.

I just finished my studies at the Interactive Communication program at Berghs School of Communication. There I spent my time  learning as much as I could about  things like digital strategy, planning and concept development.

I would say my biggest driving force and asset is my constant curiosity and will to learn and explore new things. I love digital media and new tech but also love to work with projects where I can dive into culture and understanding people to find out what motivations they have, what they love, hate and how to build meaningful relationships between people and brands.

From before my studies at Berghs I have a solid background in digital advertising and e-commerce, having worked since 2006 with products for branded content, display and affiliate marketing, primarily doing mediabuying, campaign analysis, campaign optimization and product & business development.


2013-Current Online Manager at Storytel
2012-2013 Interactive Communication student at Berghs School of Communication
2013 Intern, AMV BBDO London
2011-2012 Publishing Manager, Goviral (now Bo On)
2010-2011 Publisher Manager & Mediabuyer, Tradedoubler Sweden
2010 Campaign Manager, Tradedoubler Sweden
2006-2010 Campaign Executive, Tradedoubler Sweden


If you want to get in touch I’d love to hear from you, the best way to reach me is:
Christianpeck1@gmail.com or +46(0)735442125 or on Linkedin




Below you can see a few of the projects I’ve worked on so far, hope you like them!


Odyssé from Christian Peck on Vimeo.

Graduation project Berghs SoC


Me – Strategic project manager, planner, motion graphics for the case film
Carl Wahlberg – Planner
Sofie Tivenius – Planner
Jonas Touqan – Copy
Felix Tiliikainen – AD
Anna Svensson – PR
Johanna Byström – Project manager

Lufthansa Spots

Concept - Lufthansa Spots from Christian Peck on Vimeo.

Mobile concept - school project

In our course Mobile First we were given the assignment to develop a mobile concept for Lufthansa.

Our goal was to create a service that could build the relationship between Lufthansa and their travelers not only while the are flying with them but during their entire trip.

Also, shorter weekend trips to European cities is a segment that is growing fast in Sweden and a target group Lufthansa could profit from giving a better travel experience. Swedes also increasingly shares travel experiences on social medias and this data can be used by Lufthansa to help their travelers.

Based on this we created Spots, an app that loads your Facebook friends check ins, photos and posts from the city you are going to and with these creates a personalized guide book.

My main role in the project was as planner but I also did concept development and edited the case movie.

Christian Peck – Concept/Strategy/Motion Graphics
Carl Cavallius – Concept/Graphical Design
Fredrick Lewandowski – Concept/Copy


25k - a project by Interactive Communication '13 from Christian Peck on Vimeo.

25 students, 25 days, 25 000 ideas

During the year at Berghs we have done different initiatives to market our class and the Interactive Communication program to future employers and coming students.

One of these initiatives where the 25k project, a crazy idea that turned into something amazing thanks to commitment, collaboration and a lot of hard work. The concept was to explore the creative process by creating 25 000 post-its with 25 000 ideas.

We gave companies and organizations the opportunity to purchase our ideas at our Tictail webshop. The price for the product was to provide us with a brief and we picked 10 companies, out of 40 that applied, to each get 2500 ideas produced based on their briefs.

Once the companies had received their 2500 ideas we asked them to pick their favourite for us to create a full concept from.

We also turned the 25 000 post-its into an exhibition at Nordic Light Hotel in Stockholm.

My part in this project besides writing my share of post-its(1000, give or take) was to work on concepts for the city of Nyköping and Jägermeister. I’m very happy that both the clients wanted to realize our concepts but therefore I can’t present them yet.

I also created the case film for the project.

Press about the project (swedish): Dagens Media 12, Resume 123, 45BerghsJardenberg



Digital Strategy case at Berghs

During our digital strategy module our team was asked by Ving to present a strategy to help them give the best possible experience to all customers regardless of what device they interacted with Ving.se on.

Our work consisted of research and developing a strategy to help Ving build stronger relationships with both potential and existing customers through their digital channels with focus on mobile devices. This included among other things research on the target groups mobile behavior, solutions for cross platform customer journeys and recommendations for technical development of Ving.se.

Our case was presented to the marketing team at Ving and also to the whole company as a inspirational talk. Parts of the strategy was also presented to Vings management group and has led to parts of our strategy being implemented, therefore I can’t present any details of the work we did.


Young Glory Brief 1 - CitySense from Christian Peck on Vimeo.

Competition entry for Young Glory

This was a competition entry for the first brief from Young Glory 12/13.

The brief was to create a concept that could decrease congestion and thereby pollution in growing cities around the world.

We developed our concept based on the situation in Stockholm where congestion mainly occurs during rush hours. Our solution would help commuters to take alternate routes or public transport by giving them better information about what method of transport would suit their commute best at any given moment.

Christian Peck – Concept/copy
Jonas Eltes – Concept/motion graphics
Carl Platon – Concept/graphic design

Max Hamburgare

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Service design case at Berghs SoC

In our service design module we were given the task to come up with a service concept that could increase Max revenue by 30%.

Insight: In our research we found that the main reason people don’t like Max was because of the stressful experience associated with ordering, paying and waiting for your food.

Our solution was simple: An app that would let customers place and pay their order through their phone without being in a Max restaurant. With geo location the app could then tell the restaurant when you actually were getting close so your order could be freshly prepared.

My role was research, strategy and concept development.